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We are getting closer to the day of audition

Dear Readers,

You know I don't blog much, if at all. My reasoning, nothing is worth talking about, that has changed.

My hope is to convince everyone from the great efforts of some in the CCSA, we have secured a permanent spot. A place for the open mics under starry skies, plays  and concerts that you as members of the CCSA may be a part of, this is an exciting time for the events that will be available to its members.

If you are interested in production come join our teams that are putting together, our fundraising activities. If you are interested in marketing or management, its here...

Want to start a band. want to get into a band, let our contacts put you together with that band or person you want to play with, or perform your music.

The CCSA has been working hard to prove to you this is your songwriting and performing organization.

The proof, 2 shows are already in pre production. Many positions are available to intern. Apply here.

Attention/ the Black Box and the Library are not being used, next week TBA, March 14, 10am-4pm.

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