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Dear members,
In the 40+ years that I have been in music, man and boy, I have extensive experience in the field of failure. Being turned down for shows that I felt might make a huge difference, to flail endlessly and ram my head against the stone wall that is the organized music business. This struggle is now showing some signs of abating, the wall is softening, my swimming lessons have started to pay off. In other words, my career is starting to move and move quickly.
Gator and Mudcats music was intently listen to by many industry pros, the comments were "marketable" a few actually said "trend setting". Although some of them were looking for the next Beyonce, one agent has agreed to represent us in the national arena. He said he hopes for a "bidding war" and believes he can find us a home to be able to travel the country and sell our music as well as putting our new album into retail stores and bring our social network presence into line with other successful acts. I thought this might be a long process ,possibly 6 months....I was told more like 3 to 4 weeks.
Needless to say we are excited about these future opportunites, good luck to all our members and just keep working.... afterall, I am still waiting and its been over 40 years!

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Comment by Ryan Michael Galloway on November 17, 2009 at 10:43pm
Go, man, go!

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