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My education in music began with my parents and late 70’s to late 80’s time frames of country music; it was what we listened to in my parents household as I grew up. As I grew to understand words, soon followed music and rhythm. Then somewhere alone the way, I got the damn fool idea I could write lyrics and music. While the songs were unspeakably trite by today’s standards, the work was pretty goods for a kid that young. Even if I do say so myself.
My attempts at being a songwriter reconvened in high school and into college. In both cases, I was informed by listening to the different pop and rock music of the day. In college, I got my first advance class notions of music in terms of the writing, performing and recording processes. I didn’t regard them as workflows so much as the fact there were isolated rooms with Pianos where I could try out my ideas musically and lyrics before bringing them into the public eye.
But if you look at workflows for writing and recording music, it’s different for Indies against what the “made men” in the music industry do. Take a look at John Mayer’s posts at his site of late. His opening page has changed to incorporate the entire process of writing, recording, performing a promoting his upcoming album. The site suggests the title is Battle Studies – but of course, he’s letting us in on his creative process, and with that changes will come. While it largely exposes the need to strip away distraction while using the new viral web method of publicity, one only needs to look at Mayer’s post on workflow and follow the studio pictures to see what the possibilities could be for an indie in similar conditions. We’re no different from the successful Mayer as face distraction in our lives from our daily work.
Ryan Michael Galloway has often referred to Mayer has an artist to watch before and I completely agreed then and now. The only new development is that he’s teaching us, whether he knows it or not, advanced techniques. And they are certainly worth the examination.

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