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I forward this from The Texas Musicians Museum without comment...if you're going to act, act quickly. --Ryan Michael Galloway

We were contacted by Stephen Williams of a HUGE issue of misrepresentation by the Texas Music Office to literally put museums like us OUT OF BUSINESS! Please read the letter Stephen forwarded to me and help us oppose this unfair bill that again takes care of Austin, but does nothing but hurt all of the other cities in Texas's heritage and music scene.

Can't believe it but the Texas Music Office hasn't changed its stripes, even with the new Director.

Over the past couple of weeks, Senator (Hinojosa) and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick came to an agreement that the new "music heritage tourism industry" should stay under the Texas Historical Commission as sanctioned by SB1951. Major support from powerful legislators!

With the news that the Texas Music Office (TMO) would have only limited involvement in representing historical preservation, music heritage tourism and museums for Texas music history, the TMO has sunk to new lows by misrepresenting themselves and the Texas music history community to State Rep. Senfronia Thompson (Houston).

Under the guise of the Office of the Governor, the TMO bamboozled Rep. Thompson into authoring HCR75 designating the TMO to establish the State's official museum of Texas music history in Austin. Again!

We met with Rep. Thompson's office Friday regarding the impact that HCR75 may have on SB1951, and her office agreed that they had not been given the facts, did not know that the current Legislature had filed bills to abolish the TMO (SB1533/HB2707), nor had the TMO admitted that the Office of the Governor was still bound by Article IX, Section 14.31, Appropriations Act of the 79th Legislature in making any designations for a Texas Museum of Music History.

While Rep. Thompson deliberates what course to take with the ill-advised HCR75, the bill is scheduled for a hearing on tomorrow, Tuesday at 2:00 pm with the House Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee through the notice listed below.

We know that the TMO does not represent Texas' music industry interest, which is why the Senate has chosen the Texas Historical Commission for Texas music history.

Its time to rally the troops and say NO to HCR75.

We need an email campaign to Bret Anderson, Legislative Director for Rep. Thompson at:, advising Rep. Thompson to drop HCR75, giving the Texas Music Office any authority over any Texas music museum. That is the job for the Texas Historical Commission.


Please distribute to all interested parties.

COMMITTEE: Culture, Recreation & Tourism
TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
PLACE: E1.010
CHAIR: Rep. Ryan Guillen

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