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Satisfaction! Hooray for my team!

Dear Members,

I wish to discuss something that seems lost in our reasons for writing, performing, recording songs. The art form itself, the seed that grows inside each cranium in this membership. Why are we songwriters? Is it that we have dillusions of grandeur, complete with our marriage to a super model and cars that have their own zip codes? Most experienced songwriters will say that although money is the yardstick to success it is a poor substitute for true satisfaction... For the recorded tunes to sound the same or better than the writer heard in his head. When you have experienced this, it is similar to other feeling in your life, akin to the feeling of first love, first LOVE, and first kiss. Very special indeed, that it took 45 years to accomplish for me, makes it all the sweeter. Thats right folks I got to experience this many times with our new album. The reason is simple...I didn't try to do everything myself, I have the greatest team on the planet! Whatever my strange mind can conceive, they can provide. The whole process was a joy! Cudos and love to all the team members. To everyone at Tri-Media Grp, I am proud that I work with you, To the Vault (my pardner Dave Williams) great mix,

great sound! Finally, to my buddy Gator, an amazing performance.

In conclusion, dear members, get yourself good people around you, honest people and talented people. Do not try to do it all yourself, in my opinion you are too close to it to make an impartial decision.

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