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My fourth outing in the world of local television commercial spots had me handling advertising our fourth CCSA Outdoor concert. This was my fourth TV ad for Rockin’ The Park (or RTP09, for short), and the biggest challenge of it was to do something we hadn’t seen in the commercial while having it ready in time to advertise it enough so that the buzz could spread.

Having just become a new Dad, that presented time management challenges as well. But artists must always draw from life and respect it at the same time. No one said it would be easy; the challenge was to manage time with my child and manage the voluntary work that needed to be done to get the commercial made. I still have to rehearse for April 18th, too!

Despite all the time constraints, it took all sorts of tricks to ingest a lot of previously footage, and I would like to thank David Hopsodka, Randy Tredway, and Michael Reames for sending all the media they had available; without them, I couldn’t have made this commercial. I don’t know if I impressed myself, but the reactions have been positive on it from other people so far.

We’ve got the ad up there now, so enjoy!

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