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Dear members,
What a great week! I went to Houston, played and recorded a song that our producer says is "world music". Song was written by Reames/Folse 2002 called "Mother Earth". Got a chance to expand into a less bluesy feel, different type of
vocal, out of my comfort zone. Producer staring at me through the glass- for the first time in a long while, I didn't know what I should do for this song. I had performed it live many times, but this was different. How would you feel if a man who is unimpressed with most everything, says that this song could be our "radio" song. It could even be our "anthem"
or theme song that may have to be played at every gig or the fans will feel cheated. All of sudden everything in the place seemed LARGER. The microphone in the booth looked huge, the words came out timidly. He is saying "Come on give me some of that concentration that I have come to expect from you. So I concentrated, and concentrated, but nothing came....I was failing!! This is why you have a great producer, if you're lucky and I have the best...Dave Williams. He is not only my partner at the Vault, he is a great friend and a wonderful mentor. The man has been everywhere, done everything, and played drums with some of the greatest R&B artists of the 70's. He said to me calmly, "I know you can do this, however long it takes"..., my problem was that when he said "world music" , I turned into cross between Bob Marley (love his music) and Sting (another that blows my hat in the creek). That isn't mudcat, so you can see the problem, Anyway, because I am sure your tired of reading (how long winded is this mudcat dude?) and because my old fingers are getting sore, I end this way. I set myself on being mudcat, the song came,and I will be happy to have this song follow me for the rest of my days.
PS Attention any officers of the CCSA who wish to revive the idea of the "compilation" CD. The studio in Houston is waiting to complete the project. All those who have projects at the Vault for the CD, contact Dave and get down to Houston the number is (713)722-8900. Tell him you are with the CCSA. New members tell your officers you want a chance to contribute to the CD. Ask any of the ones who have been there.....we had a blast! We even have video of it,
ask Chris Moore about it, or Ryan Michael Galloway. Sorry, no limos this time....

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