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Dear Members,
So excited, I have so much news. First, Gator and I are launching a new website New pics, videos and songs. Please go by and check it out this weekend, if it isn't up yet, keep checking back.
2nd- Met with some fortune 500 company planners to get TV show sponsored and off the ground. Many ideas some of whom may involve many members of the CCSA.
3rd- Going to Houston to put final touches on the new album....You will find out anyway, but the suprize I mentioned back in 2009, is our very special guest on the album is Dennis Williams, keyboardist and arranger for the multi-platinum R&B band the "O'Jays". He played on several tracks and we feel privledged to have him play on our songs.
Finally, I hope we all achieve the success we deserve, good luck to the new officers of the CCSA.

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Comment by C. Aaron Moore on January 20, 2010 at 9:21am
Love the site. Sounds like you've already got a Keyboardist, but if you ever need me to help out, let me know.

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