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Ladies and Gentlemen of our community,
I wanted , at this time to reflect on the beginnings of the CCSA. Some of you know all about this, and to those I say, bear with my nostalgia just a moment or two. To our new members, I want you to know why I get a "lump" in my throat when I think of how far we have come as an organization.
Our beginnings were started slowly. The originators of the idea for an association goes to C.Arron Moore, Dan Scott Parr and Ryan Michael Galloway. These three started the now annual event we sponsor known as Rocking the Park, this was held at Centennial Park until this year. The event draws hundreds annually. The three of them worked at Dunn Bros Coffee House (gratis) with the idea of bringing singer/songwriters back to the masses. They worked in this way for a year then I showed up. The mudcat was blown in from New Orleans, I came up to play a few sets with some players, those three and the mudcat talked of how to get more exposure.An association would be a good idea if it could get us all exposure. If that was possible then why not lots of performers, different kinds of music, with everyone trying to help each other. We all talked about this when we could, and some two weeks after, arrived Chad Ireland directly from Florida although born and raised in Pennsylvania, we soon found that his commitment was just as solid as his drums. Whenever he could get to a meeting or gig he was always there.All, were as dedicated to seeing the CCSA as it was later called, a "reality". The next important step was "non" profit status this came through the tireless work of many on the CCSA team. This designation was awarded in 2008.
Finally, This great network we now have to talk exchange ideas, argue if we want- although nicely, and allow this collective community of minds to flourish and possibly in 50 years it will still be going, strong and as free as it is now.
I am very proud.
PS To Chris, Dan and Ryan , thanks for getting us started. Chad, Thanks for coming along when you did and having faith.

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Comment by Michael on March 20, 2009 at 1:18pm
Cool story. I hope the goals of the CCSA are realized for many years to come.

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