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Dear Members,
As I sit down to take keyboard in hand to try and make sense of this business of making and playing music for the masses, one thing keeps coming back to me. I was asked not long ago by an interested listener why I continue to do things that are less than profitable (money wise) instead of avenues which could be exploited for possible riches.
In other words, the way I chose...was it worth it. Would I do it again? You bet!!!
Would you put up with club owners trying to stiff you, being berated by drunks in places you needed a machete to get to the bathroom. Every imaginable smell, some things so foul as to clog your sinus with unspeakable stench.
No Problem
To make so little money in the hottest times of the year that it would seem ludicrious to continue - and yet there you are, slugging through the bad times to get your moments on the stage. The key perk in this topsy turvy world of professional music ,
The BlueRockers would be considered to be on the middle wrung on the ladder of success with a bright future and possibly large corporate treasure just around the corner. The band had been together for 4 years, we were getting ready to cash in....pow! something goes wrong with the video that was supposed to be used in a corporate package, then bang! A couple of members feel we aren't ready to take the step up. You might think I would have been upset, at first I was dissapointed, then I learned a valuable lesson. Everyone has their own comfort level, some people are perfectly happy with small venues and audiences, others crave the big stage.The only problem with this is that many times, the ones who want to go all the way, pair with those who are comfortable earlier and closer to the ground. It comes down to many times on the way up, you must keep those who feel the success as you do,Additional to this You must convince them that you are right ,or they will convince stay at a lower comfort level, and they are perfectly happy. Good for them- Bad for you!
Why, however, is it worth it, it is simply the feeling that comes over you after you see a smile on a lonely face, or you hear a man say that one of your songs is played everyday at his household. Since that time, his wife and he do not argue or fight, I understand they had been contemplating divorce. "Your song changed our lives" that's what he said.
There are as many examples of this as there are singer/songwriters I am sure, but it still makes one feel mighty good. Lots of ways to be paid....
All of this has been learned through the passage of experience, I hope you will get something out of it.
Yes, Virginia it is worth it!

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Comment by Michael on March 3, 2009 at 7:10pm
My opinion? It's absolutely worth it. Why do we do it? I can't speak for everyone. But for me, I want more out of life than 9 to 5 in some office cubical. I want to make my mark on the world in some meaningful way. One of these days, I hope someone is able to listen to music I created. My greatest hope is that it will live on long after I'm gone. Whether or not I achieve that depends a lot on hard work and fate. But whatever the outcome, you have to climb the mountain one step at a time if you want to occupy that rare ground. And it's far better to climb than to sit still.
Comment by Ryan Michael Galloway on March 2, 2009 at 5:53pm
Thanks for making the post, Mudcat. We're all rich, it's just that sometimes it's not in money!

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