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Happy New Year.

Traditionally, a Celtic music "sessiun" is a gathering of like minded folk musicians who come together to play a variety of instruments with music that is in the traditions of their Celtic cultures [Irish-Scots-Wales-Americana-etc.]. These sessiuns are usually lead by one person who keeps the group on track with the theme of that purpose. The Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Dallas have been sponsoring sessiuns for a number of years under the direction of the "Traditional Irish Music Education Society" [TIMES] with Ken Fleming and Gordon McCleod. These are primarily "contradance" themes [jigs and reels], but they do offer open sessiuns for folk to play tunes that follow the traditional Celtic tunes. The new Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Allen, Texas is going to continue that time honored tradition starting this month.

As many of you know, I support these types of musical "get-togethers" [gaelic: "ceili"] with my KelticDead Music website using the "simple" diatonic harmonicas. The harmonica is an extremely versatile instrument in playing a wide variety of music, and perfect for playing Celtic music as well. Over the holidays, I have re-organized my website to begin a list of traditional [and tunes that are in the traditions of] Celtic cultures played with my harmonica. As time goes on, I'll be adding sheet music, and ABC notation for tunes for those who might want to start their own collection of tunes to take with them to play in sessiuns [like the ones at the Trinity Hall Irish Pub].

Take some time to visit my new website, and contact me if you want more information about these sessiuns. -- Best regards, Shaun-Patrick O. Young, KelticDead Music. .

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