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Some very smart people at Roni Music have figured out a way to take an MP3 file and slow it down, AND change the pitch if needed.


This means the time it takes to learn a song has been cut in half. Ergo, the Amazing Slow Downer can change your life, or at least save you a bunch of time by trimming the learning curve.

In my case, I am learning bass lines, so it helps me pick apart the structure of a song and figure out what should happen when. It doesn't rush me, it doesn't nag, it doesn't sigh. It just patiently gives me what I need, every time I ask.

Plus, songs slowed down bring out nuances otherwise overlooked. Little, subtle details do, in fact, make a big difference when all packaged together. Like a fine art painting or tile mosaic, when you step close to see the details, they can stand on their own; when you zoom out and look at it altogether, voila! Gestalt!

Roni Music gets extra roses and chocolate cake from me - I had some difficulties mounting it to the new Windows 7 platform - but Rolf and Monica at Roni's were very patient, and answered each plaintive email within 24 hours.

If you want to learn how to play or sing a song, and you need to trim the time it takes you to learn new material, the Amazing Slow Downer is worth every penny (50 bucks US). No, I’m not a sales person for Amazing Slow Downer – just a very happy, time-squeezed musician.


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