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There are so many "closet" folk musicians around and you can find them everywhere, and every community should have one. Last year two ladies, Judi Altstatt and Jeanne Fisher created the Allen Folk Music Society in Allen, Texas. This year, they're branching out to help establish a place for all these quiet folk musicians in the Allen Community and beyond to meet, share coffee, and hear/or play Folk, Old Timey, Celtic, Irish, Bluegrass, and pop music, as well as a place for storytelling, and just socializing with like-minded folk. They're going to start meeting at the Allen Depot Museum centre in the heart of old-town, Allen, Texas.


The KelticDead has now joined in with the vision that these two ladies have, and we'll soon be having a kickoff coming this October. If there's enough interest, the concept of the Allen Depot Coffeehouse idea will continue to be a monthly event to help folk musicians have a place to play acoustically or live. Let me know, and I'll give you more details.


Shaun of the KelticDead

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Comment by Patrick O-Shaun Young on May 5, 2013 at 10:59am

Hi Mike.  The events at the Allen Depot Museum for Folk and Celtic-Folk music were a good start, however, we all quickly found out that sharing our ideas within mix purposes is difficult. The Depot Museum is an Allen Heritage Guild center, and while they have been extremely supportive, we have had to do some very fancy "coordination" with other events that are not directly related to music.  Sometimes that confuses community folk.

I'm continuing to work with the "Like Minded Friends," group and with the Allen Folk Music Society to make Celtic-Folk Music a focal point in Allen, but it's hard to get synergy with folk due to the mixed in art-culture groups who are currently funded for other objectives. I'm sure it's an age-old problem, and it would be better if we had a more "organized" focus for those of us who do music.

For my part, I've updated my website to be more of a "virtual" education site, and I've managed to sweet-talk two new Allen residents (Mike Carroll and his son, Dominic) to help me revamp my presentations on my website to help folk get "involved" in playing Celtic, Bluegrass, Traditional Folk, Americana music using the little diatonic harmonicas. Mike Carroll is also a published author of music and a music educator, and has helped me to improve my skills in reading, singing, and playing with others.

Through the website I hope to establish some local interest in helping folk in the Allen community to coordinate home (or a place in Allen if possible) sessions for folk who can be part of the KelticDead_Music Group. It's the best I can do right now, and perhaps some of the folk in the CCSA can help me out with some ideas in making Celtic-Folk Music a signature culture resource in Allen, Texas.

Shaun, That KelticDead Guy. 

Comment by Ryan Michael Galloway on May 4, 2013 at 10:22pm

This is great stuff, Shaun.  Any updates on where it went after October?  We need to help promote it if it's still going on.

Comment by Patrick O-Shaun Young on October 22, 2011 at 12:42pm

I had heard that Allen had an interest in folk music, and I figured I'd introduce myself as Celtic music is about as "folk" as it gets. You can visit the Allen Texas Arts Council and find links and numbers to signin' up, as I'm sure they're always lookin' for folk.


The "show" with Jeannie Fisher's idea for a "coffeehouse" at the Allen Depot Museum was a good event. She and the Heritage Guild did a super job in setting that one up, and I know she'll be looking for other folk to join in. I'm always happy when such folk invite us "Celtic" types to these events, and I think we helped in making the evening a success. -- KelticDead

Comment by Andy Howell on October 22, 2011 at 9:38am

I obviously have not been to this site in a while.  This is interesting and would like to learn more.


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