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Don't Be Anti-Social - Say Hello!!!

Hey everyone,

CCSA now has a chat room. Yeah I know. What a beat down. But hey, we are a community. It doesn't hurt any to say hello now and then. Heck, it might be fun too. And it certainly will help you connect with other members. That never hurts either.

If you are on the website, you are automatically logged into the chat room. To see the chat room, take a look at the bottom of your browser window. There is a grey banner at the bottom of the page that says "Collin County Songwriters Association (2 members online)". If you click that text, the chat window will appear. Type something friendly in the text box at the bottom and hit the ENTER button. This will send your message of encouragement to everyone currently logged in to the site.

Give it a try. We Texans are known for our hospitality. A little effort goes a long way.

See ya online,


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