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Tonight was great! The CCSA showcase from Espiritu in Frisco Square the show started at 7pm and the president of the CCSA, Ryan Michael Galloway, took the stage and warmed the crowd up with intricate tapestries of beautiful layers of sound,  with an atitude of the appreciation for the acts. The crowd was appreciative and wishing to purchase merch you missed this wonderful night of music and fun. You have a opportunity to come to our meetings, participate and be part of this ever growing legion of musicians and songwriters. This is your society, your place to speak, some of us do, we are all involved in our careers, but if we want to see our music flourish...The CCSA wishes to acknowledge the songs of Richard Hunt, Julie Jean White, Dan Roark all of whom did a wonderful job at the showcase.

I hope that moving forward, we see a large spectrum of performers and collaborations. We all know a singer or player somewhere that will bring our selection to life...try it. Have your song considered for the first compliation CD of the CCSA. This is the place for your music....are you going to do it??

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