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Hi Gang,
Mudcat here with another problem for our organization. A friend of mine plays bass for a famous band out of New York. They are playing in Wortham at the speedway on Saturday the 6th of June. They are looking for a venue for that Saturday night. This could be a CCSA sponsored event, the band is called Ten Man Push and they are the "official" band of motocross. In short, we need a venue, they have all their own equipment and lights including a sound man who travels with them. We need a good sized sports bar or showcase in the area. Any one know such a place....Buckwilds is already booked. It would have been perfect. Buckwild used to be Coach Joes. This is a rare opportunity to bring in a top flight touring band with fan clubs worldwide. Thoughts?
We cannot change the date, as they are traveling through on their way from Calif to Wortham to ? to Pennsylvania and then on to the east coast.

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