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We are getting closer to the day of audition

Dear Readers,

You know I don't blog much, if at all. My reasoning, nothing is worth talking about, that has changed.

My hope is to convince everyone from the great efforts of some in the CCSA, we have secured a permanent spot. A place for the open mics under starry skies, plays  and concerts that you as members of the CCSA may be a part of, this is an exciting time for the events that will be available to its members.

If you are interested in production come join our…


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CCSA showcase was a great success!

Tonight was great! The CCSA showcase from Espiritu in Frisco Square the show started at 7pm and the president of the CCSA, Ryan Michael Galloway, took the stage and warmed the crowd up with intricate tapestries of beautiful layers of sound,  with an atitude of the appreciation for the acts. The crowd was appreciative and wishing to purchase merch you missed this wonderful night of music and fun. You have a opportunity to come to our meetings, participate and be part of this ever growing…


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Great seminar and cool songs.


We had a good time tonight at the Song Circle, many excellent songs. I got some excellent input on a new song that I just wrote  called "Adding up Yesterdays. Thanks everyone for your feedback. If you haven't come to a circle and you are a songwriter, you miss something. Don't miss out next time, try it once, you'll be sold!  My thanks to Ryan Michael Galloway for his teaching. I learned some things tonight..

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Unveiling the fully operational user friendly website

Dear Members,

After months of tweaking and working with one of the best and professional web designers I have seen, I am proud to announce, fully operational and ready for inspection. I am very proud of our web presence. Please go by and have a look. Come join our fan page on Facebook as well.



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Satisfaction! Hooray for my team!

Dear Members,

I wish to discuss something that seems lost in our reasons for writing, performing, recording songs. The art form itself, the seed that grows inside each cranium in this membership. Why are we songwriters? Is it that we have dillusions of grandeur, complete with our marriage to a super model and cars that have their own zip codes? Most experienced songwriters will say that although money is the yardstick to success it is a poor substitute for true satisfaction... For the…


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Gator and Mudcat on the Leslie Taylor Hare show 12-01-09 Click on the link for interviews and songs.

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Help the Intl Red Cross


Please go to

Download for .99 all profits to the Intl Red Cross.

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New Song will be available on I-tunes

Hi Folks,

Just posted a new song about the environment called "Mother Earth", a depature from our blues roots. Check it out! We are very proud of the wonderful female touch that was added by Bobbie Williams. The song will be available for download this weekend at Take a listen, give me your comments.


the mudcat

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5 tunes from the new album!

Dear Members,
Announcing 5 tunes from the new album called "Back in the Game". Hope you all enjoy them. Go to

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Ready to bust loose!

Dear members,

What a great week! I went to Houston, played and recorded a song that our producer says is "world music". Song was written by Reames/Folse 2002 called "Mother Earth". Got a chance to expand into a less bluesy feel, different type of

vocal, out of my comfort zone. Producer staring at me through the glass- for the first time in a long while, I didn't know what I should do for this song. I had performed it live many times, but this was different. How would you feel if a man… Continue

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Our new website!

Dear Members,

So excited, I have so much news. First, Gator and I are launching a new website New pics, videos and songs. Please go by and check it out this weekend, if it isn't up yet, keep checking back.

2nd- Met with some fortune 500 company planners to get TV show sponsored and off the ground. Many ideas some of whom may involve many members of the CCSA.

3rd- Going to Houston to put final touches on the new album....You will find out anyway, but the… Continue

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Happy Holidays

Dear Members,

Gator and I would like to wish the entire membership, a joyous Holiday season. A few special mentions, if you please.

Here's to the past adminstration of dilligent musicians and friends that built the organization steadily and throughly, to make the CCSA over a hundred strong.

Here's to the new administration, may your ideas be plentiful and new, keeping in mind the standard that Diane,Chad Chris and Dan set. A special thanks to our webmaster and our good friend,… Continue

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Things are on the Horizon

Dear Members,

You may remember the posts on the events page to tune in to the Leslie Taylor Hare show at various times throughout the latter part of the year. Dec3 was the newest show, however, I have discovered that this will not be the last appearance either on Leslie Taylor Hare's show or the channel. A DVD is available to the performers for an additional fee, and as I was going to use the footage for our promo pack, this seemed to be a logical expense. I got to the studio, calmly asked… Continue

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The Next Level?

Dear members,

In the 40+ years that I have been in music, man and boy, I have extensive experience in the field of failure. Being turned down for shows that I felt might make a huge difference, to flail endlessly and ram my head against the stone wall that is the organized music business. This struggle is now showing some signs of abating, the wall is softening, my swimming lessons have started to pay off. In other words, my career is starting to move and move quickly.

Gator and… Continue

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DU Uncuts finally on the air! CCSA plays prominent part

Hi Folks,

Heres is how the CCSA is gaining some regional exposure. To all members or those of you awaiting your ticket to regional stardom, DU Uncuts is being shown in the following areas: Southwest Missouri on KOZK (3rd Saturday of the month) now showing, Kansas City on KCPT Sundays at 11pm (show started Sept 27th). Oklahoma on OETA (launching in November) and Arkansas on AETN (shows times TBA).

Many of your fellow CCSA members are on many of the shows. If you have friends in these… Continue

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PBS affiliate in Kansas picks up DU Uncuts for the fall

Fellow members,

I have been associated with Tredway and Friends for the past year. In November of 2008, Tredway and his friends went to Springfield MO to perform for DU Uncuts, a university sponsored program to promote the multi-media department.

I am pleased to report that 7 markets have picked up the program across the country. The Kansas affiliate has ran the pilot show, and has opted to pick up the entire series. The series include many singer-songwriters from this area including… Continue

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Our new member

Dear Folks,

One of our newest members and one of my oldest and closest friends, Danny Mack had a massive heart attack. He is in CCU at Baylor Downtown Dallas. It happened this morning according to eyewitness account, he was moving chairs at the Renaissance Church where he is the pastor. He complained of chest pains and pain down his left arm. He went to Baylor, where they discovered the blockage of several arteries, including one reported to be 100% closed. I am pleased to tell you that… Continue

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and the story continues....

Hi Gang,

Mudcat here with another problem for our organization. A friend of mine plays bass for a famous band out of New York. They are playing in Wortham at the speedway on Saturday the 6th of June. They are looking for a venue for that Saturday night. This could be a CCSA sponsored event, the band is called Ten Man Push and they are the "official" band of motocross. In short, we need a venue, they have all their own equipment and lights including a sound man who travels with them. We… Continue

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Adventures on the Road

Hi Gang!

Mudcat here, the trip to the South Texas coast was a great success. We raised over 2,000 dollars for cancer reasearch and everyone had a great time. The accomodations were impeccable. The beach house was fantastic, 3600 square feet of comfort. The air conditioner was not effected even though it was hosting around 10 people for the

weekend. We sang, laughed,and got to know each other so well. Interesting conversations from every corner. The concert was great, a nice big stage,… Continue

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The BlueRockers ride again!

Hi Folks,

Many of you know about my association with a band called the BlueRockers in New Orleans. Many of you have heard the CD called "For Adults Only" with the bluerocking chair on the front cover. This recording was done in the Spring of 2000. It was what I saw, as my past. Well folks, all of a sudden I get an email from the Texas Music Journal.

One of their critics /reporters received a copy of the album, or he got it off of download, I didn't actually ask. At any rate, the CD… Continue

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