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Texas Musicians Museum NEEDS YOUR HELP

I forward this from The Texas Musicians Museum without comment...if you're going to act, act quickly. --Ryan Michael Galloway

We were contacted by Stephen Williams of a HUGE issue of misrepresentation by the Texas Music Office to literally put museums like us OUT OF BUSINESS! Please read the letter Stephen forwarded to me and help us oppose this unfair bill that again takes care of Austin, but does nothing but hurt all of the other cities in Texas's heritage and music…


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Video Blog 173: MasterWriter - Barry DeVorzon

MasterWriter, invented by Barry DeVorzon ( is a tool designed to take your songwriting to the next level--or two! Barry speaks with Ryan Michael Galloway ( about the…


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Video Blog 140: Professor Pooch - Contracts Intro

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Video Blog 111: EVIL Cable Microphonics


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Video Blog 105: Do You GET Indie?

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Blane Cox asked me to post this...REALLY good stuff, as usual from Blane

Blane is an amazing resource and is an expert in a lot of stuff. He wanted me to pass these pitch opportunities on to everyone.



SARAH CONANT (label tbc)

Singer/songwriter working with producer Jeff Stevens next Spring 2010.

Style: Soulful country uptempos with meaningful lyrics, or retro pop/soul tunes like Adele. No drinking or party songs.

Deadline: Ongoing

Prefer: CD - MP3s


Send to: Shannon Myers

One Music… Continue

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2009 Frisco Arts Festival: BEST. FESTIVAL. EVER.

This past weekend, I was privileged to participate in the Frisco Arts Festival as a performer, service provider, and festival-goer. I have to say this is the best I’ve experienced out of a very long chain of great Frisco events. From fireworks to concerts to storytelling, the city seems to have done it all—but this one takes the prize.

Over a hundred artists—painters, sculptors, photographers—showed up to sell their wares for three wonderful days in October (the 16th, 17th, and… Continue

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The Value of the Song Critique


I just wanted to thank Roger, Chris, Tony, Steve, Sam and Gary for contributing to such an excellent song critique circle on October 6. This is in no particular order, and their songs and critiques were wonderful as usual.

I just wanted to mention that this event is not just for beginners. I have been a performing songwriter for over 35 years and often facilitate/lead the event, as I did this time. Even so, I brought two new songs to be critiqued by the group. Not… Continue

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So you're tellin' me there's a chance...

Great news on the local radio front. KKXT 91.7 will launch in early November, apparently a sister station to KERA 90.1. The kicker: they will carry locally produced material for 9 to 11 HOURS A DAY!

Anyone got any contacts with public radio in Dallas? CCSA would love to support this station with all of our great talent. What an opportunity for local songwriters and musicians.

Ryan Michael Galloway

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Anderson Guitar Gallery and NAMS

A lot of you have wondered what happened to Anderson Guitar Gallery--the shop on Frisco's Main Street is closed. Oh, yeah, and where are we going to have our song circles now?

I am pleased to let you know that a bunch of my favorite folks have "teamed up" to take their businesses to a new level. Steve and Jennifer Anderson are now running their repair facility inside of Kelly Thomas' and Matt Gaskins' Neighborhood Arts and Music School (NAMS) at 8102 Stonebrook Parkway in Frisco… Continue

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Losing with a Smile

This year I’ve had the fun opportunity to brag that I was nominated for 2009 Texas State Musician. As I understand it, only a handful (or two) are nominated each time this comes up. Out of several hundred thousand Texas musicians, it is truly an honor to be recognized. The Texas legislature finally got around to holding the final vote a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t their pick (this time). I lost to a guy down in the Hill Country who has been known to have a drug problem, financial issues,… Continue

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Part 2 – How do we make money now?

Let’s start with the most obvious places for musicians to make money—using their playing and related skills.

First, have you fully explored the markets for live music? Most of us think in terms of concerts or clubs, but there are a number of these and even more alternatives.

So you play? Can you read or are you a quick study? How about making money as an accompanist? These gigs often run in the areas of religious services and weddings. I know plenty of sax, flute, trumpet,… Continue

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A 3-part series – How do we make money now?

A few months ago I was talking to an introverted musician who said there are only two ways to make money in music: performing and teaching. Man did this guy not get it. There must be a gazillion ways, a gazillion styles and twice that many market segments. But you sure do have to think out of the box.

Were you playing any paid gigs last year? For me it was going great until about November. The holidays cratered the market. Clubs had a third fewer slots open, and the more established… Continue

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Great song circle tonight

We had a terrific song critique circle tonight. Several new folks--or at least those we hadn't seen.

The circle is getting great participation, and this site seems to have energized folks. I used the invite mechanism to send out reminders today. That sure was easy, and I got a lot of responses.

I sent a pic from my cell phone, hopefully it made it on here somewhere.

Keep writing, everyone--your game is getting better and better.


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Our new social networking site!

I’ve been looking for a mechanism to allow members to sign up online. I might have found the coolest thing since sliced bread. I went on to and created our own social networking site. Don’t worry, you don’t have to “work it” so much, unless you really want to. You can set even set your profile to private, but at least I can maintain a list of members and an easy way to contact you.

It acts much like Facebook, but the real key… Continue

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