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Texas Musicians Museum NEEDS YOUR HELP

I forward this from The Texas Musicians Museum without comment...if you're going to act, act quickly. --Ryan Michael Galloway

We were contacted by Stephen Williams of a HUGE issue of misrepresentation by the Texas Music Office to literally put museums like us OUT OF BUSINESS! Please read the letter Stephen forwarded to me and help us oppose this unfair bill that again takes care of Austin, but does nothing but hurt all of the other cities in Texas's heritage and music…


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We are getting closer to the day of audition

Dear Readers,

You know I don't blog much, if at all. My reasoning, nothing is worth talking about, that has changed.

My hope is to convince everyone from the great efforts of some in the CCSA, we have secured a permanent spot. A place for the open mics under starry skies, plays  and concerts that you as members of the CCSA may be a part of, this is an exciting time for the events that will be available to its members.

If you are interested in production come join our…


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CCSA showcase was a great success!

Tonight was great! The CCSA showcase from Espiritu in Frisco Square the show started at 7pm and the president of the CCSA, Ryan Michael Galloway, took the stage and warmed the crowd up with intricate tapestries of beautiful layers of sound,  with an atitude of the appreciation for the acts. The crowd was appreciative and wishing to purchase merch you missed this wonderful night of music and fun. You have a opportunity to come to our meetings, participate and be part of this ever growing…


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Great seminar and cool songs.


We had a good time tonight at the Song Circle, many excellent songs. I got some excellent input on a new song that I just wrote  called "Adding up Yesterdays. Thanks everyone for your feedback. If you haven't come to a circle and you are a songwriter, you miss something. Don't miss out next time, try it once, you'll be sold!  My thanks to Ryan Michael Galloway for his teaching. I learned some things tonight..

Added by mudcat on May 16, 2013 at 10:45pm — 2 Comments

Advice on cheap drum stuff?!

I use Lonestar any time I'm buying new so I got that covered, except I can't buy everything new because cymbals are expensive!!

Does anyone know of anywhere to cheap cymbals other that Craigslist?!

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Some members have expressed interest in having an election. There will be a meeting to discuss it soon I'm sure. If anyone else supports this please post a blog here.

Added by Stephen Harner on October 24, 2011 at 4:43pm — 1 Comment


The Collin County Songwriters are fading into oblivion.

It is time to do something to generate some interest,

and maybe stimulate some songwriting.

Is anyone interested in becoming our new leader?

Let’s have an election soon. Anyone?

Added by Stephen Harner on October 18, 2011 at 6:19am — 3 Comments


Just thought I'd introduce myself a little and what I'm going for. My name is Steve, I'm 21 and currently looking for a group. I've been writing a lot of my own material lately, so my goal is to start a band based on that type of music rather than join an already existing band (unless of course, the styles are similar). I'm more acoustic-based, but I'd like to back that up with a drummer, bassist, electric guitarist, and possibly a keyboard player. I'd love to get some killer harmonies into…


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Folk Music in Allen, Texas ????

There are so many "closet" folk musicians around and you can find them everywhere, and every community should have one. Last year two ladies, Judi Altstatt and Jeanne Fisher created the Allen Folk Music Society in Allen, Texas. This year, they're branching out to help establish a place for all these quiet folk musicians in the Allen Community and beyond to meet, share coffee, and hear/or play Folk, Old Timey, Celtic, Irish, Bluegrass, and pop music, as well as a place for storytelling, and…


Added by Patrick O-Shaun Young on September 5, 2011 at 9:50am — 4 Comments

“Best Original Song” features hundreds of new songs for free. Log on to: Upload your song it's free- 100% of the song/s rights stay with the songwriter/artists. Register-it’s…

“Best Original Song” features hundreds of new songs for free. Log on to:

Upload your song it's free- 100% of the song/s rights stay with the songwriter/artists.

Register-it’s free and listen to all music genres for free.

For the first time, live shows will be broadcast on the Internet as part of a search for the 2011 Best Original Song.” World premier show is on Jan 16th..and will run on the site… Continue

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Daddy Rocks Chasers Lounge This Friday Nite!!!

Daddy Rocks has a new member-Tomy Lee now on guitar for the trio,please come out and see Yo Daddy,and welcome Tomy Lee on board.

He is a young very talented guitarist/songwriter/singer, and we look forward to a long and impressive relationship with this very blessed guy.

Come on by Chasers on North Buckner Blvd. and get an early glimps of things to come…


Added by Billy King on June 2, 2010 at 2:20pm — 1 Comment

Video Blog 173: MasterWriter - Barry DeVorzon

MasterWriter, invented by Barry DeVorzon ( is a tool designed to take your songwriting to the next level--or two! Barry speaks with Ryan Michael Galloway ( about the…


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Daddy Rocks The West End This Weekend..............

Daddy Rocks will be appearing at gators in The West End again this Saturday Night....If you've never been here will want to come ...WHAT A VIEW!! Daddy Rocks up on the roof and there is a spectacular view of downtown Dallas....great food,generous drinks and HOT HOT MUSIC from Daddy Rocks....come party with your daddy--DADDY ROCKS!!!

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Daddy Rocks Dallas This Weekend..........

Daddy Rocks The bandera Club this Friday Night...a great place to see this band in an intimate setting...good food,cold drinks,and HOT MUSIC from Daddy Rocks!!! Y'all come on out.....

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Frisco Arts Festival Wants You To Perform

Hey CCSA members,

Planning for the 2010 Frisco Arts Festival is officially underway. We are looking for bands to represent the CCSA at this year's Frisco Arts Festival on the weekend of October 23rd, 2010. If you would like to be considered, here's what you need to do:

1. Send an email to "" and let me know that you are interested. I don't check the PM's here very often. So please send an email.

2. In the email, please provide the following… Continue

Added by Michael on March 24, 2010 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Unveiling the fully operational user friendly website

Dear Members,

After months of tweaking and working with one of the best and professional web designers I have seen, I am proud to announce, fully operational and ready for inspection. I am very proud of our web presence. Please go by and have a look. Come join our fan page on Facebook as well.



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Video Blog 140: Professor Pooch - Contracts Intro

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Satisfaction! Hooray for my team!

Dear Members,

I wish to discuss something that seems lost in our reasons for writing, performing, recording songs. The art form itself, the seed that grows inside each cranium in this membership. Why are we songwriters? Is it that we have dillusions of grandeur, complete with our marriage to a super model and cars that have their own zip codes? Most experienced songwriters will say that although money is the yardstick to success it is a poor substitute for true satisfaction... For the…


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Gator and Mudcat on the Leslie Taylor Hare show 12-01-09 Click on the link for interviews and songs.

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Help the Intl Red Cross


Please go to

Download for .99 all profits to the Intl Red Cross.

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